Overhead Compartments

Sardo Lake


Affordable Houses

Another War


Mind your destination



Overhead Compartments was formed in Stockholm in 2013 (derived from post-punk rock band WINSTON). In 2012 the new band began working on their debut album ”Mind Your Destination” released in May 2017.

Overhead Compartments has so far released the singles ”Sardo Lake” (2014), ”I Believe in Ghost” (2015), ”Affordable Houses” (2017) and Another War (2017). The work with the new album ”Mind Your Destination” has been time consuming due to finding a more organic and airy sound, a regression to front man Joakim Ax’s previous singer-songwriter project Sunken Ship. During the recording of the album the members of the band has faced unprecedented events f.i. going through a demanding divorce, major disagreements as well as being forced to swap producer which has affected the sound. The band's third single ”Affordable Houses” was released in january 2017 on our own lable Grandium Music. On the song long-time friend Eleonor Ekevik has contributed with leading vox. 



  1. -2017 Another War (Grandium Music)

  2. -2017 Affordable Houses ft. Eleonor Ekevik (Grandium Music)

  3. -2015 I Believe In Ghost (Grandium Music)

  4. -2014 Sardo Lake (Grandium Music)


- 2017 Mind Your Destination (Grandium Music)